about-usCustoms clearance is one of the most crucial components in cargo shipment as your advantage of speed to market can be lost if goods lie in docks uncleared even for a day. The Customs documentation process also demands a great deal of precision. Incomplete or wrong customs documentation can lead to considerable delays in movement of cargo and even cost overruns,

At Reliance Logistics Company the entire process of Customs clearance is handled by a group of professionals with the requisite skills and knowledge to fast-track your shipments through Customs. We also ensure that our clients are updated real-time on the status of their shipments.

From arranging suitable vehicles according to the shape and size of cargo to ensuring safe delivery at destination we transport your goods safely every time. We also cater to all your transportation needs, providing you door-to-door transportation services. We offer effective consolidations solution that also provides greater flexibility,

Whether your shipment requires full storage capacity of a vehicle or only a part of it, whether you need a truck or a trailer for any type of goods, on any domestic or international routes, Reliance Logistics Company offers you a variety of services on the highest professional level. Our in-depth knowledge of Indian subcontinent and international markets and routes enables us to provide you with the reassurance that your goods are in safe hands at all times.